About Us

One Planet Natural believes in the healing properties of natural remedies and ingredients. It focuseson aromatherapy, herbs, and essential oils as a means to improve health and relieve stress and pain. One Planet Natural is a blog that offers information, guidance, and tips for making use of these natural substances to improve your life.

James Allen started this blog after suffering from different aches and pains for many years. He tried aromatherapy and other natural remedies and finally had some relief. He decided that people needed to know that there are alternatives to harmful chemicals when it comes to healing the body and the mind. It changed his life.

One Planet Natural has the single aim of exposing the wonderful and efficient benefits of using aromatherapy, herbs, and other natural substances to heal a variety of different health issues. You will be amazed at the things that herbs and spices and natural oils can do to improve your health. If you are interested in learning more and finding some alternative remedies to help you or your family live healthier and without pain, read through our articles. You will find a lot of valuable information and things you can start trying today.