Why a Whiter Smile Will Make You More Attractive

A smile is the best accessory that you could wear. So it only makes sense that you want it to be as beautiful as you feel. There are a lot of factors determining just how white your teeth can be, and sadly, some of these are out of our control. Take genetics for example, you could have the best oral health in the world, mouthwash, brushing several times daily and flossing too, but because of genetics, your teeth are still a dull yellow. You see all the celebrities with whiter than white smiles but for some reason, it just seems impossible for yourself to reach that level of whiteness. You ask yourself why.

Having a whiter smile will make you feel more confident and happier within yourself. A natural byproduct of feeling these emotions is that you tend to smile more. Smiling for the sake of smiling is shown to increase levels of serotonin in the body, so it actually makes you feel happier, which will inevitably lead to more smiles. This will also beam positivity out to all those around you, making you seem more approachable, optimistic and easier to talk too. All of this in turn will further increase your confidence and you’ll be smiling even more. A wonderful cycle.

If you’re doing all you can do to get that perfect white smile that you deserve, but it’s just out of reach, maybe it’s time to try some teeth whitening in Perth. You’ll notice results in just a few sessions with Carillon City Dental and people will start to comment on just how white your teeth are, forcing you to feel good about yourself. You won’t be able to stop smiling! You’ll look much more desirable, feel great and people will naturally gravitate towards you. Be careful though, with a great smile comes great responsibility.

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