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Detox system to pass any drug test

Detox is getting rid of toxins and unhealthy substances from body. If you are using drugs and you don’t want your test positive you have two options one in to obtain clean and drug free urine and second one is to use another person’s urine which is risky and considered as criminal act. And the best option to pass drug test is detoxification in which there are two type permanent detoxification and temporary detoxification. Let us talk in brief about these detoxification methods:

Temporary detoxification: this detoxification method is used when you have less than a week time to take drug test and these keep urine clean and do not clean saliva, hair, or blood. Temporary detoxification keeps urine clean only for 5 to 6 hrs. After this time period toxins will reappear.

Permanent detoxification: In this method you should have at least a week time before test, this method cleanses blood, urine, and saliva completely, the effects of this detoxification are permanent and can pass drug test and does not appear again until you take drug again.

Even rehabilitation is also considered as detox program in which the drug users are treated medically and can go through drug test if they have lot of time and detox program also include natural ways like resting the organs, promote elimination of toxins through intestines, kidney and skin, refueling body with healthy nutrients, stimulating liver to drive toxins from body. And usage of detox drinks would be helpful to pass drug test because they help to eliminate all the toxins, THC, metabolites and chemicals from person’s body. The main goal of any detox program is physiological healing of a person after long time drug addiction if you want to know how drug tests work go here.