Where Is the Best Concierge service in UAE?

Exploring a new place without proper guidance can be quite an uphill task. Yes, there are those who like the thrill and excitement of discovery and do not mind the hardships along the way. But for the majority of travelers, especially those on business trips do not have the luxury of time; they can seek the services of a good concierge. If you thought concierge service just involved in giving you directions and marking it on tourist maps and at best arranging for transport for you then you are mistaken. Thisspecialtyservices area has dedicated lifestyle managers who are empowered to think proactively and arrange for tickets on Michelin starred restaurant, arrange private parties and event charter private jets; they aid clients in several unthinkable ways within the permissible limits of the law. So, if you are in search of Concierge services(Dubai) here is a compilation of some of the best in the region.

  1. Alberta La Group: This is a Barcelona based boutique concierge service with offices in Dubai and other major cities; it offers personalized services to some of the top CEOs and boutique travelers across the globe. They can manage everything right from your grocery list to planning exotic vacations.
  2. Quintessentially: A UK based member only concierge company is beyond the reach of most. The company is known to have catered to bizarre requests like delivering a Llama for Christmas and even engaging the services of a famed novelist to play the role of a tutor for a child for a day. The membership ranges between $10,000 to $45,000 per year.

Sigillus lifestyle management club: This concierge company can get you seats for Wimbledon, Cannes film festival and even the London fashion week among other prestigious events in the world. They have a sister concern Nanny and Butler who have staff trained to function as children concierges. They promise to provide world-class experience for your children.

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